Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to Upload Project Using CMD From My Komputer To The Github

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service, but it adds many of its own features. While Git is a command line tool, GitHub provides a Web-based graphical interface. It also provides access control and several collaboration features, such as a wikis and basic task management tools for every project. (https://techcrunch.com/2012/07/14/what-exactly-is-github-anyway/)

First you have to do is sign up Github account first. The process is fairly easy 3 Step to be able to create an account on Github. HERE.
Software Git, For this software you can download for free in HERE  /, if already downloaded simply install.
2.   Having successfully made Github account. Look at the upper right corner select the + sign next to your profile picture Github. Then select New repository.
3.   Then on the Create a new repository. You can fill in the Repository Name column top. Then the bottom (optional) you can fill in the description. Setting to the Public, if you already select the Create Repository is colored green.
4.   If you've Copy url address or git repository. This address will be used for a folder or file remotely us on Github. (https://github.com/xxxxxx/xxxxx.git)
   Now back to the Command Prompt or Git Bash, go into the folder and file previous
6. Then typing "git config" (git config is a command to configure a username and email address to be stored in our Github in the Command Line.)
     "git config --global user.name "username Github"
     "git config --global user.email “alamat email Github”

7. Then typing "git init
8. Now we will try to add 3 additional files. Typing "git add * "
9. If in the previous articles we've added a commit, now we add another that is by typing.
 "git commit –m "Upload di Github" 
10. After that we will remotely to the address, or URL git repository that we copy earlier.
git remote add origin <git address>
11. Then typing "git pull origin master"
 git pull is used to attract or another name of the download, files in the project are stored in the repository (server), into a storage area of our Computer (local).

note: This is usually used for a project undertaken or developed more than one person (collaborative), and we took some of the files that have been done by the person. So when there are changes and additions to the files on the server or repository Github, you should use git pull before push (git push).

12. Recently we send our project to our repository, typing  "Git push origin master" 
 after that will be asked to enter github user and password