Monday, July 31, 2017

How to know the password with an asterisk

I just experienced the most common problem in setting up an email account that forgot what the password is. Although every day I check email using eMClient software but there is no way to see what passwords are stored and hidden behind the star symbol. So inevitably we have to find an alternative solution to open what the password.

 For something like this I immediately tried to check if NirSoft has an application, and indeed there is already a small program called BulletsPassView whose function is to show what text is hidden in asterisk or bullet symbols used to hide passwords.

To be sure to use BulletsPassView you need to open the program you want to see the password first, then you immediately run the application. So it will immediately appear what the writing contained in the star sign

source: http://nirsoft.net/ 

 It's really easy how to use it even the process takes place instantly without waiting, and I managed to get what the password from my email account. From the experimental results it seems that this software can not be used in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. But there is no harm if tried first.