Monday, July 31, 2017

How to fix laptop battery

There are so many causes of laptop batteries to be ngedrop, damaged and even leaked, one example is the use or when operating the laptop in a long time and also do the laptop charge is not irregular.

Batteries are in use for laptops so many kinds, the problem durable or quickly damaged depending on the user in operating the laptop. At some time ago I've shared about Caring for laptop battery to last long lasting good and right way.

Before we practice the ways, please first prepare the materials and equipment as follows:

   -  Refrigerator or fridge (Freezer) If you do not have a refrigerator or refrigerator, my friend can use the fridge neighbors alias titip or borrow. Hehehe

  -   Packaging pal can use ice packs of plastic that is thick or other plastic, as long as not perforated alias leak.

  -    Rope straps We will use this later to bind the plastic, Use a strap or rubber that is easy to bind the plastic. Do not use the ropes, later instead of greatness and can not to tie the plastic.

   -  Droped Battery Remove the ngedrop battery from the laptop, these tips and tricks I recommend only for batteries that really have dropped. With the note the battery is in total undamaged condition.

If all materials and equipment are already in the ready, now we are heading to the trick How to restore the battery power of the laptop that has been ngedrop. Please see my friend carefully the steps that must be done as follows:

Insert the laptop battery into the plastic and wrap it tightly with the rope you have prepared. With a note do not let any leaky plastic parts can later concede ice water.

If the laptop battery is wrapped in plastic tightly, then insert it into the refrigerator Freezer or refrigerator.

Allow the battery to be stored in the refrigerator freezer or refrigerator for a full day or night. For more tips for more mantab can be left for one to three days.

After doing the third step above, please buddy remove the laptop battery is still wrapped in plastic with a meeting.

Remove the laptop battery from plastic wrap, then leave it in place in normal temperature. For other tips on the internet there is a recommend to dry in the sun under the sun, but this advice I do not recommend for my friend.

If the laptop battery condition has returned to normal temperature alias is not as cold as the first ali in removing from the freezer, please plug it back on the laptop.

The next step, after the battery is installed on the laptop as it should, please do not turn on the laptop. This is to avoid the fatal damage to the laptop battery.

Please buddy laptop charge off to full 100%. There are other tips that recommend charging the laptop battery is off to eight hours or like a new battery when in charge first.

After doing the step charge the laptop battery in flavor is full 100%. Please turn on or turn on your laptop. Is the laptop battery is back to normal and not ngedrop what not yet, If the laptop battery is still ngedrop, please repeat the above steps in different ways and volumes until successfully applying the right composition.

Similarly tips and tricks that discuss about How to Overcome Ngedrop Laptop Battery and also solution how to restore laptop power that has been dropped. If the above steps have been done over and over again but has not succeeded, it means that my friend should replace the laptop battery with a new one. HEHE :)