Monday, July 31, 2017


How to speed up internet connection ~ The need for fast internet connection is very much a requirement of every individual usage that access internet. Nowadays, internet users who are getting more and more day is one of the obstacles of smoothness and speed of internet access which is not in line with increasing service level and quality of service provider resulted in many disappointed user.

Therefore, some users look for ways to increase internet connection speed, although significant results are not obtained at least no change he gets.

There are some tricks or how to speed up internet connection that can be done in an attempt to obtain such connection level changes, here is the explanation:

 1. Setting Bandwidth

By working on the default settings of windows that allocate 20% of bandwidth can still be tricked by changing the number so that the bandwidth quota can be maximized.


     On the main screen of your windows click start
     Type Run, then Enter
     Fill gpedit.msc in the open menu, then click OK
     Select Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QoS Packet Scheduler
     Next click 2x Limit Reservable Bandwidth
     Check the Enable menu and fill in Bandwidth Limit column (%) with 0
     Click Apply, then restart the computer

 2. DNS settings

     Click Start
     Go to Control Panel ~ Network And Internet ~ Network and sharing center ~ Local Area Connection
     Click Properties
     Select internet protocol version 4 ~ Properties
     Change DNS to prefered dns server (or and alternate dns server (or
     Click OK

3. Modem Booster

     Download the modem booster here
     Extract modem booster that has just been downloaded (internet let it stay connected)
     Run modem booster
     Click Begin, wait for loading to finish

The results of each region's connections are always different, good weather also becomes one of the conditions that must be met to support the speed of your internet connection.