Saturday, July 29, 2017

How To Fix Troubleshoot Boot Error IN WINDOWS 10/8/7 (SOLVED)

Error during booting or loading Windows repeatedly and never enter the Windows page. The cause of this failed boot can be due

  •      Tweaking and wrong registry editing,
  •      virus,
  •      Never defrags partitions,
  •      Install drivers that do not fit the hardware,
  •      The computer runs out of battery and turns off during the Windows Update process
The first step is to get into the Safe Mode section and make changes to what you did before the problem occurred.
  •      Restart your computer, laptop, or notebook.
  •      After emerging BIOS or appearing the brand name and name of your laptop, press F8 repeatedly (except Windows 10 can not use this way because by default setting to enter safe mode is disabled)
  •      Then will appear panel containing many menu.
  •      Select Safe Mode, do not select Safe Mode Networking or Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
 If that way has not been resolved, it's time to take a slightly complicated step. In this process, you need a CD / DVD tape or a Windows Operating System Flash drive that suits you. The most important thing is to have the same type as Ultimate, Professional, Home Basic, Startup, Enterprise, etc. The last case I experienced, I've been using Windows 10 on my laptop and I use a Windows 8 DVD tape to solve this problem and succeed. The steps for your windows to run normally and not looping can continue to follow the following ways:

  •  Turn on your computer or laptop.
  •  When the BIOS display appears, press F12 or F2 to change the Boot setting.
  •  Insert your Windows Master CD / DVD / Flashdisk.
  •  Change First Boot to CD / DVD. Meanwhile, if you use a flash that contains Windows OS change First Boot to USB.
  •  Press F10 to perform SAVE. Restart your computer.
  •  After the restart will appear 'Press Any Key From Boot to CD / DVD. . . 'Press any key on your keyboard.
  •  Wait until entering the Windows installer, then select Repair Your Computer.
  •  Wait a while, because the computer will check the system first. Click Next.
  •  Next will appear a task window that has 5 options for you. You can try it one by one from the top except the Windows Memory Diagnostics option.
Note: Select Startup Repair if your Windows is still normal. If you ever do a backup please select System Restore. If you have ever done a restore point image, choose System Image Recovery. If not both select the Command Prompt option.

The last option is to use Command Prompt will appear a black box like cmd / dos.

Type DIR C: This is to call all existing data on Local Disk C especially the system to be accessed and improved.

Type one of the options below one by one (not all at once), start from the top first. Then press ENTER.

"bootsect.exe/nt60 c:"
"bootsect.exe/nt60 all"
"bootrec /fixmbr"
"bootrec /fixboot"
"bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd"
"bootsect /nt60 all /force /mbr"

 If it says 'The operation completed succesfully' please restart the computer. Do not write all the above execution commands.

The way is mostly successful for how to overcome the boot error in windows or can not enter windows and can only to the BIOS. If that does not work, you have to reinstall it.

Hopefully useful for you who have trouble booting error or looping and can not get into Windows.

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