Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Fix Camera Android Smartphone Broken - Error

How To Fix Camera Android Smartphone Broken - Error: Two error messages that often befall the camera is "Camera failed ErrorCallbakOnError" and "Error Message Handler.handlerMessage", The absence of a camera in a smart phone is a loss that is the very noticeable impact. If it was not for hardware issues, two error messages that often hit the camera were "Camera failed ErrorCallbakOnError" and "Error Message Handler.handlerMessage".

If you find that error message when running the camera, the solution may be one of the following tips that I will explain below.

Stop Force

This method is a classic way of dealing with various problems in the android system and this step is the easiest and quick tricks, including in repairing the Android camera and error messages.
The steps are: open the Settings menu -> App -> Camera then tap Force stop.

Firmware Update

Updating the firmware is great for the health of smart phones we are upgrading the firmware can be one solution for us to fix the error on our smart phone camera, I suggest is the upgrade according to the official manufacturer of smart phones, if it is not available could be as an alternative upgrade Unofficial firmware but it will be at your own risk not only in the installation process will be very complicated and risky.

Menu Settings ---> About Phone ---> System Update

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Soft Reset or Hard Reset Android Smartphone
Reset your Android Smartphone or Android tablet you can do in two ways: soft reset and hard reset, where soft reset this can be done through setting menuBack up & resetRestore to factory settings. While hard reset can be done with a combination of buttons, every smartphone has different combinations so you can look for references on Google.

You need to know that doing a factory reset, all data or settings that have been stored in the phone will be formatted alias deleted. Therefore, before resetting the Android Smartphone to after the factory you can backup the data first.

Remove Camera Cache

Stacking cache or junk files in the Android Smartphone camera app allows the camera to not open, therefore you need to delete the cache or data files in your Android Smartphone camera app. To remove the camera Cache, you can go to Settings MenuApplications All Find camera appThen select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Restart Android Smartphone

The last is the easiest way is to restart your Android smartphone. When the camera application does not respond or can not connect the easiest way to solve it is to try to reboot Android and then release all accessories such as SIM Card, Memory Card and Battery up to a few minutes maximum 5 minutes. After that plug, it back in and turns on your Android phone. 

That little share about how to fix (error) on android smartphone, hopefully, can help.

thank you

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