Thursday, August 24, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price, Features And Pre-Order

Two Smartphones are always waiting for the Samsung series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, last March Galaxy S8 / S8 + has been launched now is time for the Galaxy Note series, What is interesting from the Galaxy Note?

Galaxy Note 8 has officially introduced Samsung. There are a number of features that so the new Samsung when opening the veil Note 8 in Galaxy Unpacked 2017.

The presence of Galaxy Note 8 Became more interesting because earlier in the previous year's predecessor Galaxy Note 7 experienced several incidents of the battery, this case led to the withdrawal of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 product from the market.

From some sources I can screen size for Galaxy Note 8 (6.3 ") is slightly larger than S8 + (6.2") which might consume more battery power.

Nothing new in Galaxy note 8, Based on some sources Galaxy Note 8 will still be reinforced with two processors that carried Galaxy S8 / S8 +, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Samsung Exynos 8895.

Some Featured Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Full Screen

The first feature is the screen size. Carrying Infinity Display technology, Galaxy Note 8 using a screen measuring 6.3-inch screen aspect ratio of 18.5: 9. With that size, watch videos can be more satisfied with full-screen width.

Feature Full Screen 
Source: Samsung.com

S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note Series must use S Pen, but this digital pen is clearly different from the previous series. With Screen Off Memo feature in the previous Note. In Note 5, this feature already has the ability to take notes, even though the smartphone screen is off.
Samsung comes up with Screen Off Memo. Not only upgraded to two, three, or ten, but up to 100 pages of memos in the S Note application.

Galaxy Note 8 S Pen 
Source: Samsung.com

Dual Camera

The obvious feature so one of the top seeds is the camera that carries the tagline 'all-around dual'. Starting from a dual camera, dual pixel, and dual OIS are installed in the main camera. In this series, Samsung uses the dual lens, which both cameras will actively capture the photo object.
Thanks to the updated Auto Focus (AF) technology, the front and rear camera of the smartphone will be able to keep track of the focus better without having to be afraid of the camera's blurring focus to other objects.

Dual Camera note 8 
Source: Samsung.com

Do two things at once

Not only has the increase in the ability of the screen and stylus, Samsung also presents a row of new applications in the Galaxy Note 8 is. One application that is seeded is app pair.
This app allows users to activate two apps at once that have been paired manually. When the app is open, it will appear with a split screen display.

Why Must Galaxy Note 8 
Source: Gulding Tech

Live Message

New features introduced in the Galaxy Note 8 to support the ability of S Pen is Live Message. Can be found in the Air Command, Galaxy Note 8 users can send messages, either in the form of posts or images, which will turn into moving images.
Unfortunately, this feature can only be active if the other person has a smartphone whose messaging app already supports GIF. In addition, Samsung also increased the number of features in Air Command from just six previously to 10.

Conquer the elements

With an IP68 rating, Galaxy Note8 is water and dust resistant so you can use it worry-free, anywhere. So it does not matter if we use our phones when we are in the pool or fall in the water. Nice features ... :D

Why should galaxy note 8 
Source: Samsung.com

Unlock with a look

Use the Iris Scanner or Facial Recognition to open your phone quickly and easily.

why must galaxy note 8
Source: Samsung.com

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Already using Android Oreo ??

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Price For Galaxy Note 8
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was never going to be cheap, and while its price is high, we can't say we're surprised.
In terms of price is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks expensive but this should be comparable with the features offered, Isn't?!
Here is a list of current Samsung Galaxy Note prices:

Galaxy   64GB (Unlocked) 


Galaxy Note8 64GB (Verizon)


Galaxy Note8 64GB (US Cellular)

You can visit Samsung's official website to pre-order.