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You open this website page because you want to know how to get money from the internet. Really? Before I explain, you should know a little background about the potential of internet business in the world today.

Growth in the number of internet users in the world today has increased rapidly, and this directly provides an opportunity for many people to earn money from the internet. If we consider, online business has become one of the business opportunities that are very promising today.Some online businesses can have a monthly income with a fantastic amount. Their earnings tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars per month. This number is dozens of times the salary of an office employee.

make money online

If you are an expert internet marketer (online marketer), perhaps to make money from the internet is not something that is difficult. Maybe most of us will be tempted to start their own online business, but not yet know how to get money from the internet is right.

 Make Money Online Through Advertising Programs on Website / Blog
make money online
As you can see in this blog or in some other blogs you've visited, advertising space on blogs/websites is one effective way to make money online. If abroad - especially USA - most of their blogs or websites are listed in the Google Adsense program, which is an advertisement program owned by Google where publishers can make money online from clicks on Google Adsense ads on their blogs.

This program is called PPC (Pay Per Click), the publisher will be paid every click made by visitors (visitors) website or blog, where the cost per click has been determined first by Advertiser (advertiser). In addition to Google Adsense, there are many other companies that offer opportunities for publishers to earn money from their sites.

In addition to PPC programs, to earn revenue from a site can be by providing advertising space on the site. Usually quite a lot of Advertisers who are interested to put an ad on a blog if the blog has content with a specific topic and visitor quite a lot. The price of this ad space is determined by the blog owner or it could be based on negotiations between Advertiser and blog owner.

Maybe you've heard of a publisher with fantastic income, even a there publisher who can earn hundreds of millions to billions of dollars per month from their blog. Are you interested? Wait a minute, all that takes hard work and it takes no time. Check out the next online business opportunity.

Make money with a side job at home
make money online

Working office is now more dull for some people. Not only because of lack of time with family, but also because of the small salary increasingly unable to cover the cost of living. The solution? One of them is by working as a freelancer aka home worker, not bound by time. Time with family more freely, income can be bigger.

Identify and utilize your skills. And more importantly, make sure people out there know your skills. Today many companies or individuals need help to complete certain jobs or projects. Starting from writing product reviews, writing articles for blogs or online media, creating reports, translating (books, articles, movies etc.), conducting surveys, website designing, logo designing, SEO, social media maintenance, software creation,

Your clients are stretched all over the world. Free office world aka freelance more interesting. If you want to be an online freelancer, the following website can be a place to offer and sell your skills. Do not be surprised if you find your friends on these websites. They are also already pursuing a number of enjoying as a freelancer.

Elance is one of the best places to look for online jobs. Starting from programmers, translators, financial advisors, IT services, even lawyers. All you need to do is register and display your profile and specify your hourly rate. You will also be rated based on your performance in completing the task.

Freelancer established since 2004 and has a lot of registrants. Expertise sought in Freelancer includes web design, article writer, marketing, data entry and various other online work.

At a glance like a regular blog, but this is one blog that provides many home-based job opportunities for those who hobby writing. Directly click on "Job" to find a large number of job offers that will challenge you to spend writing skills that may have been pent-up. The pay is okay, according to the quality of your work.

Guru is one big enough network to connect companies with freelancers. This website looks for those who love the problem of "engineering, the creative world or business projects." A large number of jobs are available to programmers, online game makers, translators, techniques to lawyers.

IFreelance is a great place for those who want to earn income from their expertise in photography, enlargement, traditional engineering, video, accounting, writing, architects, graphic design, and various administrative work.

The above list is just a few of the thousands of side jobs that can make money online, which is your choice.


The next way to make money online is PTC (paid to click)

PTC or paid to click, a marketing system on the web with advertisers paying when a user clicks on an ad and visits his site
This system is more interactive because this method is results-oriented compared to paying only for the placement of banner ads on the website even though no one clicks on it.

  PTC sites act as advertiser and consumer brokers
We are paid from PTC website providers to click on ads they publish on their website.

PTC websites benefit from the advertisers on their PTC website which then the ad will you click,
So that the ad is clicked then the PTC website pays us to click on those ads.

Examples of PTC are: Clixsense, Neobux, Paidvert 

How to Make Money Online by Becoming an Affiliate Marketer
make money online

Affiliate marketers are people who sell other people's products and earn a percentage commission (depending on the product owner) of every sale it does. This is one way to earn money from the internet that a lot is done by online business people, both abroad and within the country.

Products sold by these affiliate marketers vary greatly, ranging from digital products to products that are physical, or even a combination of both. Affiliate programs that I follow are affiliate programs from Amazon.com and Clickbank.com.

Amazon.com is the largest online store in the world, where most of its products are in physical form. Categories of products that are sold in the Online Shop is very much, ranging from cheap to very expensive, ranging from small to large. For example books, digital cameras, refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, chairs, tables, toiletries, kitchen utensils, even underwear there are sold there hehe.

Amazon.com provides an opportunity for all website owners/blogs around the world to earn money from their affiliate program. A number of commissions earned by Amazon publishers are about 4% - 8% of total sales, and depending on how many publishers are selling products from Amazon.com. The more products sold, the higher the commission percentage will be.

ClickBank.com is a place that provides products in digital forms, such as ebook, software, and membership. The affiliate program is also very much favored by internet marketers around the world because the commission rate is very large, there are even some product owners willing to give up to 75% commission of the product price to the publisher.

How To Make Money Online With Opening Online Shop

The online store is a virtual store where customers can buy products sold in the online store directly from their website. Currently, there are many businessmen who already have their own online store, whether it sells its own products or sells other people's products with a reseller or drop ship system.

Make Money Online by Selling Online Services

This business is also quite a lot done by online business. There are many types of services that people need and can be done online. Among them are the providers of article writing services, online promotion service providers, SEO service providers (Search Engine Optimization), and much more.

So if you have the skills - anything - you can sell them online. One of the types of services I have ever sold online is the services of building backlinks for a website, and the service of writing article content for a blog. Apparently quite a lot of people who need this service. Income can be obtained from the service of writing articles can be hundreds to millions of dollars per month depending on the number of requests from customers.

Actually, there are still many ways to get money from the internet that can be done. But that does not mean we have to do everything to get great results. We recommend choosing one or two online business types that are suitable and able to do, take it seriously, and you will see results.

Do some research for your business, and do the analysis to find out the progress of your internet business, keep the spirit, do it continuously. And see the results in a few days, weeks, months, or years. OK, this article is too long, this is all I can review about how to get money from the internet.

Hope to inspire you. Send regards for success!

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