Monday, August 28, 2017

What Makes Games Of Thrones Worth Watching For

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Story: When my friends have been busy discussing one of the best selling series on this HBO, I am still cool calm, Not interested. To get rid of boredom, my fad visit to Google trends and look at the top (1) Google Trends is Game Of Thrones, Then I wonder what is Game Of Thrones? Why it could be the top ranked (1) Google Trends. I even thought the Game of Thrones was the same as the Hunger Games, the movie about hunting. Maybe because both use the word Game.

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What Is Game of Thrones (GoT): is a TV series aired on HBO, The film is based on a fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, in which his first book entitled A Game of Thrones. The story revolves around the political controversy in the Seven Kingdoms in the Westeros fantasy continent. The series runs since 2011, and each season only consists of 10 episodes. Airs every year from April to June, this year GoT has reached its sixth season, and according to the latest news will be finished in the eighth season of 2018.
Then I ask, what is it that makes GoT so okay that go into top ranking google topics ranking?

No Main Character

No Main Char Game of thrones 
There are no main characters in the GoT, There are so many characters, and all equally no identical figures as the main star. Martin did set his fairy tale with a non-mainstream approach. His book is spoken of many angles of characters at once, each of which has its own storyline and interrelated, They are displayed as ordinary people, with advantages and disadvantages are proportional.
Are all the excellent noble figures as perfect as in our inspirational novels?
One good character will experience the disaster because of its shortcomings. And one antagonist we hate, one day will come out on the good side and so look noble. At some point, we will stop idolizing one character, to accept them as they are. And it's basically a ...!
So the answer to the question above is No.

Stunning as a Watch

Stunning as a Watch 
All aspects of GoT as a work of cinematic are at an amazing level. He is colossal for the size of soap opera-capable of mobilizing many people. And for so many people, we can get matching clothes in massive quantities.
His craftsmanship technique in terms of decoration sets and fixtures is remarkable. All properties are hard to find. There is even one viewer in the US who can recognize that the embroidery motif in Sansa Stark dress (Sophie Turner) continues to change and symbolize all the tragic things that happen to him throughout the story.
Then the setting is amazing. Full of antique buildings a fairy tale style that is not only magical but also can be made different depending on its civilization. The building at King's Landing is different from Braavos, then with Meereen and also with the backward hometown of Wildling.
And for that, the GoT crew especially the executive and creative crew, dare to do two important things, that is willing to take the hard way and willing to spend as much money as capital.

Logic Above Aesthetics

game of thrones logika  
One of the most famous GoTs is the nude scene, which is so abundant that it is therefore only worth watching that is already 21 years old. But GoT is not a porn movie because all the nudity is there because of necessity or interest.
As a soap opera critic in the US once wrote that "Game of Thrones is a spectacle in which players appear naked longer than when dressed"!
Scenes in brothels, in baths, or when one partner is making love, of course, legitimate and worthy when all not dressed, because that's the way it is. All adjusted to the fairness. Here there is no actress who fixes the skirt for fear of accidentally prone camera position highlight the area behind the skirt.
GoT is not a hobby of pretending to be good, or covering up on the basis of norms of decency. If something should be like that, just show it as it is, as is the case in the real world.

Amazing View 

Life Philosophy Lessons

All the characters in the GoT are the most important life philosophy lessons on humanity. They teach that human beings are different (to be tolerant), have their own advantages and disadvantages (so as not to adore or spice), and change with life.

Normally the main character in fiction must be completely privileged, and "doomed" by the author to win (or lose in a tragic story of the old age). In the above examples, the characters are even perfect, almost flawless, and always triumphant to impress us (and we call them "inspiring").

The characters in GoT will make us reflect, and wiser in judging others. They are special in the field they control, but sag in areas that are not. They can be good people at one time, then become evil at another (or vice versa).

GoT every whereBecause The Chats About The Series Are Everywhere. 
Like I said above, my friends have been talking about this series for a long time. So also with friends in social media. Occasional Game of Thrones (GoT) appear on the surface and invite a lot of responses. I who do not follow it so ya can just be silent and guess what they are talking about.

So, because the chat about this series is everywhere I finally became curious. Finally, I can join when people talk about Game Of Thrones (GoT). So I am not outdated. Hehe: D

So still think of watching this movie ?!
Try watching Season 1 first and feel the sensation.

Enjoy watching.