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10 The Legendary Pokemon Strongest and Famous

Pokemon, is a Japanese animated film that is very worldwide. Who does not know the characters of the monsters in it, Pikachu for example. Apart from the Pikachu priest who is one of the yellow monster characters.

In Pokemon there are also the most powerful and famous legendary monsters from among all Pokemon.

What is the reason they deserve to be called the strongest and very popular compared to other Pokemon? Well, there are many considerations in making the list of 10 best legendary Pokemon rankings. We try to consider their popularity, strength, and role in the story.

10. Darkai

10 legendary pokemon
Darkrai is one of the legendary Pokemon that has the power associated with darkness and shadows. Darkrai has a special move, where he can make his opponents experience nightmares.

  It is also capable of disappearing into black smoke and mastering a little human language. Darkrai is one of the most difficult Pokémon to be caught and defeated in Pokemon Diamond.


9. Palkia

9 legendary pokemon
 Palkia is a legendary Pokemon with a very cool shape. Physically, Palkia's large high body makes it seem unbeatable. Naturally, if he has a large body, because the classification is classified as a water dragon.

In addition to having a variety of water kills are deadly (almost as strong as the Gyarados), Palkia also mastered various illusion moments to manipulate the mind. He is able to read the minds of Pokemon as well as trainers, can do teleportasi remotely, and have the ability to change the landscape that we see.

8. Deoxys

8 legendary pokemon

Deoxys is a legendary Pokemon that has three different forms, depending on the battle situation. Deoxys body shape in a situation commonly referred to as "Normal Mode". The form while attacking is called "Attack Mode", and when it persists it changes again to the "Defense Mode". Deoxys organs are composed of crystals that can heal wounds very quickly.

In addition, he also has a variety of laser pellets as strong as Rayquaza. These two things make Deoxys one of Pokemon's most powerful legends in history.

7. Giratina

7 legendariy pokemon
Pokemon wikia

Giratina is a Pokemon of type "Ghost Dragon". It was first designed in 2008 and appeared in the Pokemon Diamond / Pearl game. Giratina's body shape is also quite stunning, looks like a sea dragon with armor covering his head and back.

  Just like other Ghost-type Pokémon, Giratina also has the ability to fly, fly, and use illusion as the ultimate weapon against the enemy.

6. Dialga

6 legendary pokemon
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Dialga is a legendary Pokemon of type "Steel Dragon" or iron dragon. That said, his body design is one of the best Pokemon design ever created. He looked like a combination of horses, fish, and dragons.

Its nautical blue body is protected by sharp armor that has both defense and assault functions. It also has the power to manipulate time; speed up, slow down, or completely stop time. Really a very powerful legendary Pokemon!

5. Mew

5 Legendary Pokemon

Mew is the legendary Pokemon of the first generation. His small appearance, such as a combination of cats and rats, made him much in the eyes of the trainers. But make no mistake, Mew is one of the strongest Pokemon that has various abilities, one of which manipulates the mind of his opponent.

Inside the game, Mew is arguably one of the most difficult Pokemon of all time. It takes patience and luck to get this Pokemon in your Pokedeck.

4. Lugia

4. legendary pokemon
Pokemon wikia

This Pokemon has a "Flying Psychic" type and is very popular among Pokemon gamers. Make no mistake, although it looks like a dragon, Lugia is classified as a bird species. He has a very important role in Pokemon XD series.

In the series. he is portrayed as a very intelligent Pokemon and tends to hide himself on the very bottom of the ocean. Once he awakens in a state of anger, he can issue a very dangerous and powerful attack destroyed extraordinary.

3.  Rayquaza

3. legendary pokemon

This legendary Pokemon is the main mascot in the Emerald Pokemon game. Rayquaza has a very cool shape, greenish color and body shape like a dragon in the Dragon Ball series.

  He also appeared in the Pokemon Ruby Sapphire manga and played one of the antagonists who solved the conflict in the Pokemon world. It has various phenomenal strengths, including "Draco Meteor" and "Giga Beam".

2.  Arceus

2. legendary pokemon
Arceus is a legendary Pokemon with a very elegant form. It is said that he is a Pokemon that creates the Sinnoh region, where the Pokemon live and breed. At a glance, Arceus does not look strong. But make no mistake, it can be called the strongest Pokemon in the most difficult game to conquer.

Its power can make the enemy disappear in the blink of an eye, or heal back all the damage that occurred in the fight. When you manage to get this Pokemon inside Pokeball, surely your feelings will be very satisfied.

1.  Pikachu
first legendary pokemon
Pikachu (ピ カ チ ュ ウ Pikachu) is a Type of Pokémon Electronic mice introduced in Generation I which is an evolved form of Pichu. Pikachu is famous as the most famous Pokémon and is known in Generation I-VI. Over the past few years, Pikachu has become so popular that it serves as a Pokémon franchise mascot. In 1998, it became the Mascot Version for the Pokémon Yellow game. In the anime, Pikachu Ash has a very strong power.
for me pikachu is the strongest pokemon, judging from the shape pikachu it is not as grand and luxurious other legendary pokemon for me pikachu is the best. : D

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