Sunday, October 1, 2017

6 Tips to fix a slow Android

over time the performance of Android phone suddenly started to slow down or do not like the first time you first purchased it. A slow smartphone can be caused by several things such as low smartphone specs, the age of a smartphone that is old, the number of applications used and much more.
6 Tips to fix a slow Android

Slow Android smartphone certainly makes you upset, especially if there is a very sudden job and need an Android smartphone. When hp android has started slow do not rush to go to the counter. It would be nice if you try these 6 tips.

Android Slow ?? do these 6 tips might help overcome Android slow.

1. Check the Amount of Remaining Memory

6 Tips to fix a slow Android
The main factor that makes the hp android to be very slow is the number of applications installed that narrow the storage space. At least my friend should provide 20% of the storage amount of your smartphone, this is done so that Android performance goes smoothly.

For example, the internal number of Android phones 8GB, then you must provide at least 1GB of memory on your Android phone.

If the memory on your android smartphone is almost full, please take the following steps:

Remove Unused Apps

Remove junk files and clear the cache. The way is simply by entering the settings menu and then to storage or storage. Next, you press Cached Files and select OK to clear it.

You should not use the cache eraser and junk files. Because the application is actually only meet the memory and reduce performance.

Tidy large files, like photos, videos, and music. Or you can backup the file in your notebook or Dropbox.

2. Avoid Widget Usage

Lots of Android users who use a lot of widgets to make the phone look much more interesting, by using live wallpaper. But they do not realize that the use of this live wallpaper will slow down the Android phone and drain more battery. Therefore, you should install widgets that are important only and avoid the use of live wallpaper.

4. Close the application and free up the RAM

6 Tips to fix a slow Android

Do you know if the use of applications simultaneously can make your HP Android bud to be slow? This is because the processor works harder than usual. then as far as possible away from the use of applications simultaneously, especially for those of you who have hp android with low specifications. Use the application as wisely as possible so that the performance of your phone will stay awake.

Opening applications simultaneously without closing the app that would have a bad impact on your android speed.

Multi-tasking is easy for us to switch from one application to another application but will make your android performance slower.

So better close the application you opened earlier. After that then run other applications.

5. Smartphones are rarely restarted

Perhaps many do not realize when restarting android phone is very important to do. Because when the phone is restarted then its performance can return to normal. Therefore, when your android phone starts slowly to try to restart it.

6. Update Firmware

Firmware is the operating system contained in the mobile device. Firmware in Android phone definitely has its own update. So when the android phone starts slowly try to update the firmware automatically through your phone. By doing a firmware update then smartphone performance will be better and able to solve the problem of incompatible applications.