Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Top 10 Android Applications For Health

Health becomes something that is very important for everyone, especially for individuals with solid activity. For those with a super busy day, would have to take the time to go to the doctor to check blood pressure or just know the calories that have been consumed and burned.
Top 10 Android Applications For Health

there are some apps on Android devices that help users know their health with just a smartphone or tablet device. Here are some of the best Android apps for health.

1. Nike BOOM

Nike Android Application For health
If you need something that can encourage the spirit of the exercise, the Nike BOOM app may be quite helpful. Users can choose the type of exercise along with the accompanying music.

Then, the app will give you encouragement and direction so you can reach the last stage. Not only that, the main athletes in this application will also provide direction, like guiding and encouraging true sportsman. This application is also integrated with the Facebook social networking.

2. Calorie Counter

caclorie counter Android Applications For Health

This app has several features that help users maintain weight. The first is a food diary, in which there is a meal schedule.

Features are also combined with a diet calendar, which tracks the number of calories consumed and burned. It certainly helps to remind the user in lowering caloric intake.

3. BMI Calculator

BMI Calculaor Android Applications For Health
 BMI stands for Body Mass Index. With this BMI Calculator, you can calculate, determine and make sure it is not overweight.

4. Instant Heart Rate Pro

Instant hearth pro Android Applications For Health

The heart is one of the most important organs. With Instant Heart Rate Pro, Android smartphone or tablet owners can detect that their hearts stay healthy. This application can be an accurate tool to measure one's heart rate.

Users simply put the index finger on the phone camera, a few seconds later the monitor will show the user's heart rate. This is very useful for those who have problems with the heart.

5. First Aid

first aid Android Applications For Health
It would be nice if someone could help others who needed first aid. First Aid, an application from the Health Team, is the best choice for anyone who is in an emergency.

This app will provide a simple guide, which will certainly be useful for anyone trying to treat people in need of help.
6. ePocrates
Epocrates Android Applications For Health
Proper diagnosis and treatment are the other sides to maintain health. When someone needs medical information, ePocrates comes to help. This application is used by the majority of doctors in the United States who provide the leading drug references available in the market.
7. Backpacker GPS Trails

Backpacker GPS Trails Android Applications For Health

The GPS Trails Backpacker helps give the destination direction while it is running. With this app, a smartphone or tablet becomes a GPS that helps track the path.

More importantly, this app can keep track of the runner's performance, if they want to compare with the previous record. Users can also send updates to Facebook.
8. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo sport tracker Android Applications For Health
For those who prefer to exercise in urban areas, Endomondo Sports Tracker is a great app to use within the city. This app will be a friend for runners, cyclists, and pedestrians.

First, this app serves as a GPS that ensures users are not lost in any city. Next is the audio feedback, this application will give spirit in every mile distance that has been taken.

Endomondo Sports Tracker also records the distance, time, and calories burned. For competitive users, it can try to beat the fastest time record any other friend has ever taken.

9. Soleil Organics
Soleil Organics Android Applications For Health
Another way to live healthily is to eat organic foods. However, it is rather difficult to know whether the label installed in organic eating is genuine or not.

Soleil Organics is an application that helps buyers make sure they are not deceived with organic labels. The app also provides tips on what foods to choose from.

10. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga Android Applications For Health
Lastly, let's talk about mental health. Pocket Yoga lets users have access to a Yoga movement guide to give lightness and peace of mind. You like having a portable Yoga instructor.

This app gives three different practices, three different difficulty levels and three different time periods. Total sessions presented in Pocket Yoga, reaching 27 different sessions.