Thursday, October 12, 2017

AVG Error 0xc007001c - What Should I Do

If your AVG installation is failing due to error 0xC007001C, AVG technical support can help you. There are a few specific instructions that you need to perform, and the issue will get fixed.

Here are the requisite steps for solving this issue: 

1. Download the AVG BFE Fix tool.

Note: it is imperative to download the AVG BFE Fix tool if you are receiving the code 0xC007001C while installing AVG on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Vista.

2. Run the file that you have downloaded.

3. Click the Accept button to accept the license agreement.

4. Click the Continue button.

Your computer will be restarted automatically.

5. Perform the antivirus installation again.

Note: if the Antivirus installation fails now, you need to check if there any conflicting applications installed on your PC. A conflicting application can be anything from a firewall application, an anti-virus program to PC tune-up applications. Then, you need to install all Windows updates that are available. Visit the Microsoft Windows Update page for checking available updates.
Still, if the installation continues to fail, you need to install AVG in Windows Safe Mode.

You can work with the following solutions:

1. Utilize AVG Reset Access for repairing any rights for corrupted access to Antivirus files: you need to close all your work after saving it along with all running programs and documents. Next, download the AVG Reset Access tool and run it once downloaded. Then, click Accept to accept the license agreement. Further, click Continue to implement the fix. Your PC will be restarted.

2. Utilize AVG Remover for removing any earlier AVG versions or the relevant parts: you need to first download this antivirus Remover tool. Next, run the file you have downloaded and follow the instructions appearing in the tool. Then, click Close to restart your PC when prompted.

3. Install AVG properly: you need to visit the AVG Downloads page. Next, locate your product and click its name. Scroll down to installation files, and click either AVG for Windows (32 bit) or for Windows (64 bit) on the groundswell of the version of your Windows. Run or save the file accordingly if prompted. Finally, run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions carefully for installing AVG.

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