Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Broken earphones? - Here Is How to fix it

Earphone or headset Is one of the tools used to remove the sound from the sound source output so we can listen to it. This tool is actually a mini passive speaker. Therefore, for the sound, we can hear the speakers installed near the ear.

Most earphones are used to listen to music from Mobile, Tablet, Laptop / Notebook. In addition, if we look at the contents are only two speakers mini woofer and a connector (plug) audio only. But along with the development of the times then came the latest models and innovations. Such as headsets on HP or Smartphone equipped with a push button that serves to enable or disable the phone and so on. Next, comes the earphones that are equipped with adjustable volume so that we can shrink or raise the sound through the headset and the latest is a Bluetooth headset, so with a Bluetooth headset, we can listen to the sound source without having to plug the audio connector to the Mobile or laptop.

So what if the earphone is damaged?

There are several types of damage that often occurs in a headset, among others:

  • The sound headset is not normal. like, can not bass anymore, noisy.
  • Her little voice next door or both.
  • Dead side or both.
  • The headset sometimes does not sound sometimes.
  • The button's earphone is not working.
  • Adjust volume not working.

To fix broken earphones or headsets, then we need some tools to make it easier to fix.

  1. The tools are:
  2. Multimeter
  3. Cutter or scissors
  4. Solder + tin
  5. Mini screwdriver
  6. and others as needed
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After all the equipment is prepared next is to identify the damage, the way is if we feel our headset is damaged try to be installed on the phone or another suitable laptop. Next make sure what kind of damage symptoms, then we check where the damage to the headset.

If noise is not normal, especially when the volume is hardened then the possibility of earphone speaker is not precision on the spool inside or leaf speakers perforated, tear and so on. For that, we need to replace the new speaker, because it is very difficult to replace the speaker spool mini-sized in. But if buy speakers with new buy price aren't much different you should buy the new earphone that just according to me.

If a small voice next to there is some things that could be the cause, such as when using the adjustable stereo volume possible trimpot (variable resistor) is damaged. It can also be caused by the lack of speakers on the earphone. To fix it, of course, we also replace the damaged part. to check the trimpot the same way to measure potentiometer, Then there is another type of damage that is dead one or both. To fix it, of course, we check first from the connector with a multimeter, Usually, on headset jack, there are 2 pins, 3 pins, and 4 pins.

For 2 pins means the headset is only two wires and means mono. Hover the selector on the 10-ohm multiplier. How to check is to connect both pins with both probes multimeter (ohm position selector). Then the needle must move to point to the low ohm value.
earphone 2 pin

For 3 pins it consists of Speaker R, Speaker L and Ground. To check the R speakers we attach the probe to the most end pin and the other to the pin at the base.

Next, to check L speakers we stick the middle pin with the base. If the needle does not move slightly or does not move at all. means therein lies the damage.
earphone 3 pin

For 4 pins means Speaker R, L, Ground, and mic. The way is the same as above. It's just that on the 4th pin is usually the mic pin. For microphone, if checked, it will show low value and close to zero.

earphone 4 pin

If the location of the damage we have found then the next step is to open the mini speaker cover. We check the cable between the connectors with the mic. If one is not connected, then the possibility of the cable break. Usually, the break is near the connector or inside the microphone box. To check it then unpack the speaker cover, then do the measurement as picture 3. Namely pin 1 with the cable that leads to the speaker below. pin 2 with a cable that leads to the top speaker cable and pin 3 leading to both speakers or ground. This is true if without using a microphone. But if using a mic then pin 3 with a fiber cable that leads to both speakers or GND. All of these measurements should show 0, if it does not move, it means damaged or disconnected.

To check the headset / earphone speakers are still good or broken, the way is to connect the two legs of the speakers with a multimeter probe. In this case, may be reversed. If still good if measured will show low ohm value, but not up to 0 ohms.