Monday, October 2, 2017

how to Fix Microsoft Excel Error and Freeze "not responding?"

When you are a professional who needs to use Microsoft Excel for his/her regular work, then be prepared to face errors in it. For all the errors in Microsoft product call experts available at the help desk.
How to remedy Microsoft Excel solidifying and Not responding error?

MS Office is now the most needed thing for every professional MS Excel is one of the most important parts of MS Office. Those who use MS Excel on a regular basis get to face the error of Excel crash, hang, freeze or sometimes it stops working with a message like:

  • Excel not responding.
  • Excel has stopped working.
  • A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

To solve out these above-mentioned errors, technical experts are available at toll-free number 0800-029-4639 Microsoft Support Number UK to help you out with the solution you need.

Solution No. 1- Scan Excel

There is a name Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OCAT) available that is specially designed for identifying and resolving the known causes of instability in an office program. Run this tool for fixing this particular issue.

Solution No. 2- Open Excel in Safe Mode

Solution No. 3- Check if your file is being generated by a third party

Solution No. 4- Investigate possible issues in COM add-ins

Disable COM add-ins by using the following steps:

  • Choose File > Options > Add-ins.
  • Change the manage dropdown to COM Add-ins.
  • Then, select Go.
  • After that, clear the check boxes from all enabled COM Add-ins
  • And then choose Ok.
  • If disabling resolve the issue, then, in that case, try to enable them one by one for knowing that which add-in was the one to cause trouble.

Solution No. 5- Check Your Antivirus software

Solution No. 6- Investigate Excel file details and content

Solution No. 7- Latest Updates

If you are done with all these above-mentioned ways and then also you are not getting the error corrected call the experts immediately. The experts available at Microsoft Support Number UK are experienced enough to provide you with the required solution for all your technical errors.

There are various ways to correct one particular technical error find Article, but we prefer going with the easiest and smooth one. Now-days the most common error of MS Excel is coming due to the antivirus you have installed on your device. The configuration of antivirus blocks installation of many programs and similarly hampers the work of Excel too. Whether it is Excel or some other product of Microsoft when you get to see any sort of technical error coming on that give a call to the experts immediately.

No matter what the error is all about when you contact the experts of the help desk they will guide you with the solution that you require. You have to follow the instructions given by the tech experts and by following that you will be able to get the solution that is suitable for the error you are facing. There can be several types of technical errors which you got to see in your MS office products or other products from Microsoft at that time give a call to the technical experts at the help desk and they will be ready with the solution you need. The technical errors can be of various intensity give a call anytime and they will be ready there to provide you the needed solution. Don’t hesitate to call as the experts are always available with the solution you want.