Sunday, October 29, 2017

Instagram Release Superzoom, What Features Is It?

To welcome Halloween Tuesday, October 31 Instagram released their latest app feature named "Superzoom".

Superzoom: allows users to create dramatic video effects by performing a super zoom-in to the targeted object, complete with sound effects. Instagram Superzoom app is available on iOS and Android complete with new Augmented Reality mask sticker.

This application is quite easy to use. You just choose to use the front camera or rear camera, and Instagram provides a target marker feature that will make it easier to take the object image that will be in the direction. Instagram will then zoom in 3x, complete with orchestral music.

Superzoom has a duration of 3 seconds. If you want to make a video with a longer duration, you simply press and hold the Shutter key.

"Our users," said Product Manager, Jyoti Sood when asked where they could have the idea to launch Superzoom. "We often see people using Instagram cameras to point the camera to their friends and zooming in to create funny moments.We want to make it easy for them to do this and at the same time, give a touch of humor with sound effects."