Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to Fix Android Bootloop a.k.a File System Damaged

How to Fix Android Bootloop a.k.a File System Damaged

Because our fad to change Android is not uncommon to be a master weapon for our own. Damage to Android is at risk either because of the tutorial or wrong way or also the device which is problematic.

Maybe it will be lighter error problem if the error or bootloops that happened not because of error or system error but configuration error only. If only the configuration error we live wipe wrote through recovery or CWM Recovery will be solved because of only the configuration, But another story if the error in the file system that will not be resolved with a wipe.

The easiest way to fix this error is to reinstall ROM. The problem will be a bit complicated because, in addition to applications, SMS, contacts, and others will be lost, how to flashing Android ROM is a bit confusing for us who are laymen. Especially if our Device is local to Cross, Mito, and others because it is very difficult to get the firmware.

Well to damage the file system by wipe will not solve this error problem. But there will be some issues that arise such as below:

  • All data will be lost like contacts, SMS, configuration, and application.
  • Your Android will swell as the file system increases in the ROM.

The process is very inefficient due to the principle of piling up, the current system errors with the new ROM. So if its build.prop is problematic, by installing a new ROM then everything is regenerated again (not just build.prop)

We try to use Simple Flashable Restore V1:

Simple Flashable Restore V1 is a flashable zip that is useful for easy restoration of file system. How it works live we lash it as usual through CWM Recovery with instructions below....

Steps to Use It:

Step one Previously you have to prepare a file that is still fresh or not damaged. If you have a backup file that we can use. Or if the custom ROM used then use it will be easier, just take framework-res.apk from install custom ROM then copy.

Step two : Download Simple Flashable Restore V1 (search on google)

Step Three : Extract all the contents (META-INF folder and system) into the company and open the system folder.

Step Four : In the system folder there will be many folders, then input file that will inject according to the place. if the app file in the app folder or framework-res.apk to the folder framework just adjust with yours.

Now make the zip both (META-INF and system) using Winrar or 7Zip or other applications.

Step Six : you execute using CWM Recovery as usual. DONE

So do not worry if you mistakenly edit a file in the system. live inject again using Simple Flashable Restore V1 then everything will be back safe. My advice before you do the editing you should have a backup first. Thank you