Friday, November 10, 2017

iOS Versus Android - Who's Most Troubled

iOS Versus Android - Who's Most Troubled

iOS Versus Android - Who's Most Troubled

Android operating system is declared as the most stable operating system in running applications. This is revealed from research conducted by Crittercism institutions.

The agency that assesses the application performance and the "error" monitoring system is researching millions of apps on the Android and iOS platforms to see how often an app crashes.

From the research, quoted from Digital Trends (30/3/2014), the latest Android operating system, KitKat, has a low crash percentage, which is about 0.7 percent. While iOS 7.1 has a slightly higher percentage, which is 1.6 percent.

For Apple, although the percentage is higher than Android, the number of percentage of crashes from each OS is decreasing. Previously, on the iOS platform 6, the percentage problematic application reached 2.5 percent, while in iOS 7.0 reached 2.1 percent.

As for Android, KitKat along with Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich into a stable operating system. The version of OS that has the most bugs by Crittercism is Android Gingerbread, where as many as 1.7 percents of applications running with it crashing.

"Many factors affect the performance of mobile applications," said CTO Crittercism, Rob Kwok. "The growing number of introduced mobile platforms, such as wearable gadgets, adds to the challenge of delivering a consistent application experience," he said.

However, overall, from research conducted by Crittercism, at least almost half of the existing applications today have the possibility of crashes above 1 percent. One-third of existing applications have a crash percentage of 2 percent.

The most frequently crashed application according to Crittercism's research is a 4.4 percent gaming app. No wonder because this application requires a lot of resources. The second application that often crashes is a media application, photos, and video, which is equal to 1.8 percent.

E-commerce is becoming the most dependable app. The percentage crashed just 0.4 percent, slightly below social and communications applications of 0.6 percent.