Friday, November 10, 2017

Tips To Take Care Of The Android Smartphone Correctly For Longer Hold

Tips To Take Care Of The Android Smartphone Correctly For Longer Hold

Have you found out how to take care of Android smartphone properly to last forever? If not, see how here. As we all know that this one mobile device is different from mobile usually. Smartphones are famous for the wide variety of features and wide screens that are typically in touch to operate the various features available, what would happen if the screen was damaged? In addition, when using various types of features that exist simultaneously it will make the smartphone operating system so required more extra and the results will make the battery so fast ngedrop, there are many more things we should know about this advanced mobile phone so the quality is maintained.

Through writing on how to care for the smartphone that is presented later, hopefully, can help you who are experiencing confusion to keep your sophisticated gadgets to always stay good and never experienced damage so you do not need service or replace (sparingly).

The following will explain some ways you can do to care for your android smartphone properly, ranging from screen care, battery, hpnya body or it could also be called outside maintenance and also maintenance in such as databases, backups, and keep from mobile phone viruses.

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Smartphone Maintenance

Smartphone screen

  1. First, once you buy a smartphone, it would be nice to install a screen protector or other screen guard name that is useful to keep your screen from scratches, oil, and water because surely there are times when people will borrow your phone right?
  2. When touching your smartphone screen, use your finger instead of fingernails as it will cause scratches.
  3. Make sure your hands are clean before touching your phone screen to keep it dirty and keep it clean.
  4. The screen of the smartphone is very sensitive to touch so it would be nice not to emphasize the finger when touching the screen so your smartphone so durable.
  5. When you want to save your smartphone, do not be in a tight place like a super tight jeans pocket because it, if done, will make the screen of your mobile device can be damaged.
  6. Screen or your hp screen away from direct sunlight during the day, because it will degrade the quality of your android phone screen.
  7. Always clean the screen of your mobile device by using a fine tissue, even if you have a protective use but if it is not cleaned it can make the surface of screen guard also so dirty that eventually, you will be difficult to see.
  8. Avoid from putting your android phone from objects that have magnetic fields such as radio, television, laptops, and other electronic things.

Body Smartphone

  1. Using a protector or softcase for an android smartphone is also a great way of helping to take care of android phone properly, where this softcase has a function to protect your phone from impacts, splashes, dust, and anything else that makes dirty and damage to your phone body.
  2. Periodically clean your android phone body using a tissue or cloth slowly while cleaning it.
  3. Water for us is very good, but for your android smartphone try not to be close yes because of course can damage your phone.
  4. Put the phone not in a high place because when falling will certainly make a mess runs out your phone, also make sure not to fall from a height.
  5. For those of you who are worried about children, please keep your phone in a safe place that is not reachable from them.


The discussion of the battery on this occasion, just a glance we discussed because for this one should really pay attention. You do not want to have a smartphone that slowly slow, wasteful battery or damaged? For that discussion will be continued in the next article. Here's just the initial tips how to care for android smartphone for durable in terms of batteries:

  1. Performed the recommended suggestion when first buying android phone.
  2. Use the app that you really need and uninstall applications that are rarely used because this can make the operating system in your phone so continue to work even when not in use and thus automatically mobile phone batteries are also absorbed by itself.
  3. Try to do the charging when the battery is already slow because it is better than to do when the battery power, if pour water into the glass, if the masi is filled and filled again will fill full fill especially when you forget to see the results will make the water so spilled of the glass, the same with your battery before that resulted in the fullness of so long and soak up your battery so bloat

Additional treatments

Clean your connector pins and battery connect your android phone regularly using tissues.
Try not to always change SIM Card and Memory Card on your android phone.
When using an android smartphone, make sure at normal room temperature is not too hot or low.
Headsets, USB cables, and other media that plug into your mobile device's holes slowly to avoid holes from being damaged.
Sensor screen on your android phone cannot work optimally when exposed to direct sunlight, so do not get hit yes.

Smartphone Inside Treatment

Doing good care from the outside and inside as well, as we also must do the treatment from outside like wearing beauty tools and others that make the outer body look so always more beautiful that is usually done by women, as well as taking care of the inside by taking vitamins or supplements to maintain a healthy body from within. Your Android smartphone is also like that, after already been discussed the care of the outside, it should also be noted how to treat smartphones properly especially the inside:


Ensure that the existing database on an Android smartphone is not full as if there is an SMS that has been read and it is deemed unnecessary then better at removing the point to reduce the use of your phone database.
For those who access the email using their mobile phone, it is recommended to also delete the existing database in the email so as not too much.
Applications that have been installed on your smartphone that is considered not important and rarely used, should be deleted because it will reduce the use of RAM and existing software.
To anticipate loading your android smartphone is not heavy, it is necessary to set the database file on the SD Card and internal memory in order not to full.


For this one is very necessary you do, especially when an Android smartphone is still in good shape with all the important files that are on your phone will be stored with you because you have the backup. For mere suggestions, you can save the backup results on your laptop, computer, flash disk, as well as storage of files on the internet such as Dropbox, ziddu, and other storage places either free or paid. It's all done to just anticipate the things that are not desirable.

Perform Well Caring Android Smartphone Procedures

Doing maintenance is very important to keep your phone nice, but also need to note the way to take care of android smartphone properly done so it will always be in good condition and you will be very happy if you have a mobile phone that can be used in good condition.

There is no harm in taking the time to just clean the dust or dirt on the screen or in your phone body because the hygiene of health base also applies to Android smartphone. Maybe useful. Thanks.