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3 Ways To Flash Android ROM "100% Success" All Type

Flash Samsung Custom ROM

flash for android is the activity of re-installing os android, usually flashing is done to fix the problems that exist on the smartphone. Flash for Android is the last way to get out of the error problems experienced by every smartphone and will delete the data contained in the internal storage mobile phone

So make sure, the first backup all your data, before reinstalling android.

Then, what is the cause of the problem thus making us flash the android phone?

usually, the problem that makes you have to reinstall android is

  1.      Forget the lock pattern.
  2.      There was a system error or commonly called force close on the application.
  3.      Stuck in the logo / cannot enter into the initial android menu screen or commonly called boot loop and many more.
factors causing the above problems occur because of the smartphone users themselves, malware and others 

Can the above problems be fixed without an android re-flash?

yes, of course, the problems - problems like the above you can fix without having to re-flash android system except for boot loop

for point 1 and 2 problems, you can find out the solution first to fix the problem

#solution for point 1 and 2 issues

if your smartphone can no longer access the menu and always appears the application closing error/force close

you can fix it by resetting it without flash firmware, to do so please follow the steps below.

how to reset android

resets the smartphone to its original factory settings via the settings menu

  1.     go to the settings menu and scroll down
  2.     tap the backup and reset menu
  3.     tick required
  4.     select factory data reset
  5.     the reset process will run and will restart automatically (reset process approximately 10 minutes)
  6.     Wait until the language selection menu appears
  7.     mobile phone ready for use again

if not able to do the way as above, do a hard reset through recovery menu

  1.     turn off the phone first
  2.     press volume up (+) and power simultaneously (usually each phone has code to go into recovery menu different
  3.     please use this way one by one
  4.     hold volume up + home + power simultaneously or
  5.     hold volume up + power simultaneously or
  6.     hold volume down + power simultaneously
  7.     if already entered recovery menu
  8.     select wipe partition
  9.     select wipe cache partition
  10.     then reboot the system

if the reset process succeeds, then the smartphone will restart automatically and will appear the initial menu of language selection.

there are other ways besides the two ways reset above you can read more details in this section of the article.

keep in mind before doing flash android you have to backup important data contained in internal storage.

go to topic point 3 problems...

for the problem point 3 I often encounter on my friends' phones

stuck in the logo or commonly called bootloop may already be familiar with people who like repair android, what if that is not?

ok, I explain a little simple explanation.

boot loop / stuck in the logo is the state of the phone that cannot enter/boot into the menu screen android system

so when your smartphone is turned on it appears only until the vendor's logo alone cannot enter the screen's home screen in general

the cause of bootloop itself is very diverse, good error when updating software from a vendor, mistake install tweak, wrong install custom ROM and others

so, preferably before you do this android flash it's good you find out first problem error you experience.

Go to the Main topic

How to Flash Android

What tools should be prepared?

to reinstall android, before you have to prepare:

# 1 Firmware / Stock Rom
search firmware/stock ROM that suits your android smartphone type, every smartphone vendor share it on its official website or search non-official also available

which I know usually every vendor provides a variety of firmware android for 1 type of smartphone

so, 1 type of smartphone that has 3 firmware of course with different code

to see the code details see at the bottom of the smartphone battery exactly nearby in the installation of the sim card

make sure in the selection section of this firmware you should be very careful not to be wrong because it will only be a waste of time.

# 2 Smartphone Drivers
generally, this driver is already available in the box of your smartphone, but if available download only internet

locate the appropriate driver for your smartphone type, so that the smartphone can be recognized by the computer

# 3 flashing software
yes, this software is the very important role, because later you will do flashing using this software

there is a lot of flashing software available on the internet, but generally, the usual flashing software is sp flash tool, Odin, and research download.

the use of this flashing software in accordance with its chipset respectively,

for flash android china usually, use flash software splash tool and research download and Odin for Samsung original

before I will share 2 parts for tutorial how to flash android that is using pc and without pc/.

1. how to flash android with pc
The most appropriate way to make the process of flashing mobile phone is through the pc / laptop because the average damage to mobile software can not we fix it easily in the sense without a pc

it is true you can also do flash without pc, but, the average of software-related damage it is necessary once the creature pc / laptop, so for those of you who do not have a pc / laptop I suggest do not try.

A.Odin flash way using Odin (for original Samsung flash)
in this case, I will do flashing Samsung galaxy v, I assume all the ingredients for flashing like the firmware driver and Odin software have been downloaded

so here we just execution
  •      as usual extract all the files that have been downloaded and do not forget to install the driver
  •      Turn off the phone and remove the battery for about 10 seconds
  •      enter the download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power at the same time until out writing Warning !! (Every android to enter the download mode is different, just try it the way just like I do)
  •      Open Odin app and connect the smartphone to the computer using data cable / USB
  •      notice in the picture below
    Android Flash Tool

    Under the ID: COM circled in red indicating the smartphone is connected, continue with Auto reboot checklist and Nand Erase All and resume click the AP button and input the extracted firmware file
  • then click the start button and wait for the flashing process will run and if it is finished marked with the words PASS! as shown below
    android usb flash drive

    Roughly like that picture how to android flash using Odin, different is the driver and firmware
 B. Flashtool (using spflashtool for android flash which contains mtk chipset)

in this case, I will do flash android way using flashtool sp

for the use of flashtool, you can see the flashing process section of the article how to flash advan s5e

so, in this case, you live just implement step by step how to flash to a smartphone that will flash and different just firmware and driver only

C.Research Download (for android china using spd chipset)
How to Flash Android with Research Download, to flashing using research downloads I've discussed before you can read it on post flash advan s4f

so here you just follow the workflow from the flashing process using research download, and that should be replaced are the materials of drivers and firmware.

at this time that I often encounter software/flash application is Odin, flashtool sp and research download, maybe next time I will add it

2. how to flash android without pc

how to flash android without pc you no longer need to download flash driver and software, all it takes is firmware / stockrom it's only, with

you have installed cwm recovery terms, not every handphone is installed cwm recovery?

the answer yes, every mobile phone would have had the custom recovery from innate vendors but cwm recovery I mean is Cwm recovery installed by the user itself or commonly called custom recovery

then what's the difference?

cwm recovery self-installed has a complete menu different from the default vendor only limited to reset data without flash menu ROM

for how to install cwm you can read the article section how to install cwm

skip advanced topic,

how to flash via cwm

make sure the stock ROM / Firmware is stored on the sd card
  •     enter cement recovery
  •     press the volume up + power simultaneously each mobile phone to enter to menu recovery different please use below one by one:
  •     hold volume up + home + power simultaneously
  •     hold volume up + power simultaneously
  •     hold volume down + power simultaneously
  •     after entering cwm (use volume up to scroll and volume down) then
  •     select wipe factory/data reset
  •     select wipe cache partition
  •     select wipe Dalvik cache if available
  •     select the menu Install zip from sd card and select firmware / stockrom already stored in sd card
  •     flash process will run wait until finished
  •     reboot the system

note: the process takes approximately 10 minutes more, and not many phones that support in flash through cwm recovery menu because there is also firmware/stock ROM that must be flashed using flashing software.

after the reset or flashing process is complete, usually, the election of the language is quite long so patiently

Center for downloading android firmware:

Firmware Samsung Official KLIK HERE
firmware Huawei. KLIK  HERE
firmware htc. KLIK HERE
firmware LG KLIK HERE
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