Sunday, April 15, 2018

Puzzle About Latest Android OS Version "P" ??

Newest Android P

Google will introduce the latest Android operating system P in May, coinciding with the developers gathering event Google I / O 2018, at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, USA.
Not yet known what stands for his initial "P", but almost certainly refers to the sweet snack as it has been.
Netizens also share assumptions and predictions, ranging from "Pancake" to "Pistachio Ice Cream". Most recently, netizens suspect the extension "P" is none other than "Popsicle".
This is reflected in the latest Android wallpaper package released by Google for spring edition.
Of the six types of wallpapers to choose from, one is colorful Popsicle patterned with a white background. The motive is considered less suitable with the theme of spring, because Popsicle is more often consumed when the summer (summer).
This is what led to the suspicion of netizens that Google has a special message from the package wallpaper.
Popsicle could be deliberately presented to whisper the name of the next Android operating system.Popsicle made of ice frozen with a variety of color variants. Usually it refers to fruits such as mango, orange, and strawberry. Not infrequently also found Popsicle chocolate, green beans, and white milk.
Until now the suspicion about the name of Android Popsicle Google has not ignored. In addition to naming, the next Android features are also already crowded talked about in the virtual realm. Some of them are multi-camera features that support apps when, "notch" support like iPhone X, Gmail Smart Replies, image display in notifications, clearer group and personal group separation, zooming-text like on iPhone, view indoor map applications, photo compression, automatic password enhancement, up to vertical volume lines. Let's wait whether or not the name of Android Popsicle and leaked the above features in May.