Saturday, April 14, 2018

What's New From Google's Latest Views "GMAIL"

Google has just announced plans to redesign Gmail's look, in the next few weeks. The new design of Gmail will welcome Gmail users on the desktop, and will likely follow later on the mobile version.
Currently Google is still brewing Gmail view with some of its partners. From the report The Verge compiled KompasTekno, Friday (13/4/2018), Gmail's new design will include some typical elements of Material Design (flat design), and some new features that were originally introduced to remodel Gmail inbox.
In addition, Google also plans to implement smart replies for Gmail on the desktop. This feature was previously available on mobile devices, useful for replying to e-mail quickly.

                                          Predicted Gmail view after overhaul (The Verge)
There is also a feature called Snooze Anyar, which allows users to temporarily suspend e-mail in Gmail inbox, for some specific time. That way, users can avoid certain e-mail conversation chains.
Actually both of the above features are already present in the mobile version of Gmail, and it seems to be coming soon on the desktop. Another new feature is the sidebar on the right, which can be used to access Google Calendar, store notes, or perform other tasks with user e-mail messages.
Google also provides three new layouts to choose from. First, the default view to view the attachment of a photo file or document. The second is a simpler view, which does not display attachment files.
Finally, the inbox display looks full, and is viewed in only one page. On the other hand, Google plans to provide all new designs for G Suite users, Google and Gmail application integration computing services within the next few weeks.
Apparently, this new design will be announced in the annual developer agendas, Google I / O which will take place May 8, 2018 to come in Mountain View, California, USA.