Monday, August 7, 2017

Anti Copy paste for blog

Copy paste one of the action blog owners do not want to think then we can keep all the contents of the article by installing anti copy paste, to avoid the ignorant hands of copy and paste is very harmful to the victim, anti copy paste you can install to avoid the activities of CTR + V or copy paste.

How to make article posting anti copy paste? Content is everything, Content is king, then what if there is a copy paste? This is the problem.
Here I will share a little how to anticipate the theft of this article.

Install Anti Copy Paste on the blog: Go to blogger.com then search the theme then click edit HTML
Search <body> then replace with this script.

<body oncontextmenu='return false;' onkeydown='return false;' onmousedown='return false;'>

OR Add this above </ head>

super easy right