Monday, August 7, 2017

How to Apply a Mask Tool in VSDC Video Editor - Blur Face

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a Friend in the house must have seen the effect of this blur on the video let alone on broadcast tv must often use the effect of a blur. For my friend must be unfamiliar with the word Effect blur this, Another name blur effect is a sensor. If now it would have understood what the effect of blur effect on the video. Yes definitely to blur certain areas of the video. The goal itself depends on the editors. If the tv broadcast is usually for the sensor that smells xxx so or violence. Okay surely you at home wondering how to give effect to blur on video.

 how to:

1. Prepare VSDC Video Editor tool Download here2. Add videos that you will edit blur3. Click the video then on windows properties select stretch video in the crop border select Yes

4. On the top left corner click Video Effect ---> Filters ---> Pixelize -> OK set how the desired blur way: click on Pixelize Settings on the right properties windows and set the blur level.

 5. Double click on layer Pixelize and add an ellipse and place it on scene or it can also box click OK, around the face you want Pixelize

6. Open composite mode tab and select yes in front of invert mask and see what happens around the face.

The Pixelized mask follows camera any more to improve it, make a double click on the elllipse layer then select movement option and shift the Pixelized mask so that it exactly cover the face

8. Now it's time to follow every face motion that will blur, when first moved select yes in front of fath's start point, every time the object you need to Pixelize move and loses the Pixelization mask, add a new movement point and make it a Path's start point

9. Set according to the movement of the face then preview the video.

 Done.hopefully can help

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