Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Call of Duty: WWII - Classic War In The Past

Classic War In The Past call of duty

As if bored with the futuristic theme, legendary war game series made by Activision that has been very attached to the heart of the games is Call Of Duty back gave birth to a sequel based war classic, namely Call of Duty: WWII! 

On the title E3 2017, many gamers who hope will come to the update of our favorite game all that is waiting for is Call of Duty: WWII. This game is expected to restore the glory of the franchise Call of Duty who fell to fall into the deepest hole after a (could be spelled) failure of the earlier series.

 And what is expected by gamers as heard by the developers Activision, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software who are working on this project? There is a more content that is embedded into the Call Of Duty: WWII game. The content is on display in the form of a trailer showing the horror of the war itself. Well for those who are interested to play this game, can mark the calendar to try the private beta phase that will soon be present.

One of the Call Of Duty trailers: WWII which tells of the classic war in the era of World War Two, where the soldiers were deployed to break through the enemy line in the coastline.

Actually, this trailer reminds me of a 1998 era movie (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN) - Omaha Beach Scene. Similar to the prefix of the WWII Call Of Duty trailer centering on the enemy line at the beach.

Here is the trailer:

Note: To watch it you may need age confirmation, as I said at the beginning that Call Of Duty WWII displays the horror atmosphere of World War 2, but you must be amazed by the Call Of Duty trailer and want to play it now. : D

In addition to bringing the atmosphere of horror from World War 2, the trailer Call of Duty: WWII E3 2017 also features several types of weapons that can be played by the players. The weapons (as predictable before them) are a series of similar weapons when used by soldiers from various countries involved in World War II.

Some of the iconic weapons such as M1 Garands, Flame Thrower, shotgun, dynamite, and various other can be used by the players when pushed into the front line of the opponent's defense and began to finish off the enemy one by one. Of course, this seems to bring our memories when first introduced with the first Call Of Duty Series the same background in the era of World War 2.

classic weapon call of duty
 Classic Weapon

Not only stop there Activision developers also add heavy weapons such as Artillery and Glide Bomb, even to Bomb Molotov was there in this game interesting to wait.

classic heavy weapon call of duty
 Classic Heavy Weapon

Call of Duty: WWII also features a greater emphasis on war vehicles or combat vehicles in the game. It is clearly visible inside the trailer of the presence of tanks, fighter planes, and some other combat vehicles that cause significant damage. Unfortunately not known whether the row of vehicles can be used or how to interact with various things.

There are still many unanswered questions. This game will be coming soon in the coming months, and we can expect Activision to be able to uncover what things will be present in the game.

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