Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Fix Android Phone || Hardbrick/Softbrick

hi, bloggers all this time As much as you will write an article on how to fix android the hardbrick. Of course, we will feel confused if suddenly our favorite android death total. Where else dated old do not have money to take our android to the counter (thank goodness-gratitude if still guarantee can take it to the service center can be free). Basically, android dies divided into two namely:

    · Softbrick

If only softbrick and still can enter mode download, we just need to re-install / flashing, and if we have a backup of our android file system, we only need to restore it


Hardbrick which means our android is completely dead and can not be in charge and enter recovery mode/download mode. Usually, the hardbrick android should really be taken to the service center. But this time I will try to give solution for who still not give up and want to try to fix it by herself. Here are the ingredients needed to fix a hardbrick android:

    Prepare computer/laptop installed java if not downloaded here

  •          · Download one click unbrick here
  •            make sure you have installed USB driver on your computer according to type hp android if not please googling many scattered there
  •          · Your android data cable
  •          · A glass of coffee and friends
  •          · Pray for Android  can live again from dead his death he .. ..

Ok we just execute to fix android the hard brick:

     I assume laptop / computer already installed java

     Open and extract one-click unbrick files that already downloaded earlier so there is a new one-click folder


      copy the Oneclick.jar file to the "OneClick \ heimdalloneclick \ resources \ HeimdallPackage" folder
     right-click on the "oneclickloader.exe" file in the "OneClick \ heimdalloneclick \ resources \ HeimdallPackage" folder and select "Run as Administrator wait for the installation to finish
     when you finish you will see the dialog window "One-Click UnBrick"

disconnect all the equipment available on hp android (batrei, memory, Sim card)

  connect your hp android via USB and wait for your Android flashes and beeps.

if successful hp android will be connected and prostrate thankfully because almost certainly hp android  will be able to be saved and can do the next step

click the "unsoft brick" button to restore your android phone and wait for it to finish.

and congratulations for those who succeeded in turning the Android suspended the animation.

So my article this time, about how to fix android the total dead, I think is enough, and hopefully can help who was confused because Android has been dead suspended.