Monday, April 9, 2018

Facebook Will Reveal Anyone Whose Data Was Successfully Stolen by Cambridge Analityca. On April 9th

The incident of Cambridge Analytica scandal says there are about 50 million data users Facebook has leaked into unauthorized hands. Facebook itself via a statement will tell, whoever's account has been taken Cambridge Analytica data, including users from Indonesia. The notice will be displayed via a link affixed to the top newsfeed in the account of each facebook user on Monday (9/4/2018).
Facebook Unveils Anyone Stolen by Data on April 9th
 This is in accordance with what is written in the Newsroom Facebook site that was posted on Wednesday (4/4/2018). "On April 9th, we'll let you know which apps are taking data from Facebook, they can remove unwanted apps," Facebook writes. "As part of this process, we will also notify users if their information has been abused by Cambridge Analytica,".

Number one is the United States with leaked data 70.6 million users of Facebook and the Flipina with leaked data 1.1 million users while Indonesia 1 million Facebook users.Nevertheless, the Facebook says do not know exactly what data leaked to Cambridge Analytica. The number of users in the graph above is the best assessed estimate to cover the maximum number of affected accounts.However, this number is only a small part. The reason, it is estimated that most of the data of Facebook users globally, amounting to 2 billion has been accessed improperly. This shocking news was itself uprooted by the Facebook side. From its official description, the source of this vulnerability is said to come from a search function on a Facebook page that lets anyone search for users via their e-mail address or phone number.The company also said that in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, there were 87 million user data stolen, far exceeding the initial guess, of 50 million user data. "We can not know and find all the data being misused, but we can make this misuse of data more difficult," Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying by KompasTekno from Bloomberg on Thursday (5/4/2018).The case of leaking this user data into the global spotlight for Facebook. Social media founded Mark Zuckerberg is considered unable to protect the user and has violated the right to privacy. Follow this news development on topic: Facebook Data Leakage Scandal Abuse of Indonesian User Data on Facebook AuthorYudha Pratomo EditorReska K. Nistanto SourceBloomberg Tags: facebook users privacy Data leaked Cambridge Analytica Related News Data 1 Million Indonesian Facebook Users Stolen Zuckerberg Recognizes Facebook Peep Every Message in Messenger Here's How to Check Phone and SMS Recorded Facebook This Way Cambridge Use Facebook Data to Win Trump.